Prairie Hymn of Tytus Labs——the Report of Ministerial Group of Mongolia People's Republic Visited Shanghai Sanyou

Prairie Hymn of Tytus Labs——the Report of Ministerial Group of Mongolia People's Republic Visited Shanghai Sanyou

        In the afternoon of April 10, Ministerial Group of Mongolia People's Republic visited Shanghai Sanyou under the escort of Deputy General Manager, David Fan; Spinal Product Manager, Xiaoyi Zheng; International Affairs Manager,Wenqi Zheng; HR,Rong Zheng.The visit brought a head-smacking prairie hymn to Tytus Labs.

        International Affairs Manager, Wenqi Shen introduced the history and achievements in the recent 4 years of Shanghai Sanyou to ministerial group. Our company is ongoing globalization marketing as international quality. Orthopedic implants that was made in China represents high quality and favorable price products which were fit at present Mongolia’s health care reform policies. The Minister of Mongolia was interested in the product technology and quality of Shanghai Sanyou and he expressed the intention to cooperate.

        Then Ministerial Group visited company workshop and Tytus Labs successively. David Fan introduced important machines of the company, including: Wei Liming eight-axis machining center which there are only 2 in China, Biomechanical experiment machine which was researched and developed independently by the cooperation of Shanghai Sanyou and Chinese Academy of Sciences and other important equipment. Trial operation process of the workshop and research work of Tytus Labs attracted Ministers’ eye. During the visit, David Fan presented the national emblem of Mongolia People’s Republic which was 3D printed by Tytus Labs as a memorial. Minister was very surprise anout it .He said that it was the most precious gift he received in China.

Minister group visiting workshop

Minister group visiting the tension-torsion biaxial fatigue test machine

Ministers group visiting Sanyou tools and bone model

Engineer Wenqiao Zhang showing spine bone modeling

Mongolia national emblem which was designed and printed by Sanyou
        Ministerial Group visited Sanyou product showroom. Full line spine and trauma products were presented in the showroom. Through the introduction of David Fan, Ministerial Group showed high interested in the product of Sanyou.

        Sanyou is entering the international market, this visit let Minister Group know Chinese independent Orthopedic Technology outputs, and it also laid a solid foundation for our company to develop a broader international market.