"Based on Minimally Invasive Spinal Research Platform-China Summit Forum" was Grandly Held in Shanghai

"Based on Minimally Invasive Spinal Research Platform-China Summit Forum" was Grandly Held in Shanghai

        "Based on Minimally Invasive Spinal Research Platform-China Summit Forum" was held in Shanghai Marriott Hotel on March 13th, the meeting continued for 3 days.The forum was hosted by Sanyou, Medtronic, Stryker, WEGO and Joimax. Chinese physicians Association of Orthopedics branch of minimally invasive spine surgery Committee of the spine study group, the Shanghai Society of Orthopedics specialists minimally invasive group, Shanghai Changzheng hospital Orthopedics hospital, the spine surgery journal provided academic support. Many orthopedic experts attended the forum, Yue Zhou,MD. ,Changqing Li,MD.,Shuxun Hou ,MD. ,Yan Wang ,MD.,Wen Yuan,MD. made opening statements successively.

Opening ceremony
        Shanghai Sanyou present a gluttonous feast to the experts by the means of “Sanyou Concert” at the conference. Sanyou concert was divided into three sections: Minimally invasive spine surgery technology innovation; Fractures of the spine: minimally invasive techniques in practice; Lumbar metamorphosis and slip: the practice and innovation of minimally invasive techniques.

Sanyou speciality site
        Yue Zhou, MD. ,Jianyuan Jiang, MD.,Zhuojin Luo , MD.,Weihu Ma, MD.,Huazi Xu, MD. Xuqiang Liao, MD.,Feizhou Lv, MD. and other guests present at Sanyou concert and delivered wonderful speeches. The speeches mentioned” Z Minimally Invasive Spine Technology Solution” which was researched and developed by Shanghai Sanyou and Yue Zhou,MD. , Halis fusion and other original products for a number of times. They accessed praise of the present experts. The speeches of the experts did not only play a catalytic role in the development of minimally invasive, but also laid a solid foundation for the future development of young physicians.

Yue Zhou MD., making speech
Zhuojing Luo MD., making speech

Jianyuan Jiang MD., making speech
        During the case discussion, speaker guest shared the cases which they met in clinic with the present experts. Guests and experts discussed actively. The case discussion which was analyzed and explained made a wealth of theoretical knowledge apply to the situation. In this meeting, Shanghai Sanyou used the interactive new media again,we let every experts participate in the case discussion by the form of choosing treatment options by voting on the Weixin platform.

Case discussion site

Case discussion site
        The success of Based on Minimally Invasive Spinal Research Platform-China Summit Forum means that the development of minimally invasive spinal was pushed forward a big step and it also reflected the spirit of Chinese people to “practice and innovation”. The content of minimally invasive spinal is continuously updated, its technologies are emerging. The forum will provide for different levels of doctors ' groups at home and abroad the most advanced minimally invasive concepts and techniques, provide good academic interactive media to understand the similarities and differences choices and between develop direction of philosophy and open and minimally invasive surgery spine surgery deeper to enhance minimally invasive spinal level of China.